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Ameristar Exteriors is a leading expert in the insurance claims process. Our administrative staff works hand in hand with our field supervisors to assist our homeowners throughout the entire insurance claims process, ensuring that each and every customer receives the upmost service. As insurance restoration specialists, we have successfully performed thousands of insurance claims since 2004. We understand that the process can be intimidating, time consuming, and somewhat frustrating. Our professionally trained staff will gladly extend a helping hand, guiding you throughout the entire claims process from start to finish. Our experience and expertise in the field of national disasters has lead to our strong working relationships with the nation's leading insurance companies. We work with all insurance companies and act as a liaison between you, the insured, and your insurance provider.

Storm and Hail Damage

Step 1: Request a Free Storm Damage Evaluation and Inspection

If you suspect your home has sustained damage from recent storms, contact Ameristar Exteriors to schedule a free storm damage evaluation and inspection. An Ameristar Exteriors’ field supervisor/certified inspector will survey your home to verify the severity of the damage sustained. If your property loss warrants an insurance claim, our field supervisor will then advise you to file a claim with your insurance carrier.

Step 2: File Your Claim

Locate your homeowner’s insurance claim policy and keep it on hand, as you will need to directly reference your policy number when contacting an insurance representative. With your policy number in hand, call your insurance carrier’s homeowner’s claims department. For your convenience, we have listed the direct phone numbers to popular insurance carriers below. Many of our customers prefer to file their claims online to avoid lengthy hold times. You can click the links below and follow instructions online for filing a claim.

The claim handler will assign you a claim number and a claims adjuster. It is important to notate this information and keep it handy. Now is an excellent time to find out your deductible amount for future reference.

Once you have filed a claim with your insurance, you will want to contact your mortgage carrier’s property loss department to notify them of the damage sustained to your home. At that time, request a claim packet to be sent directly to you. This will drastically speed up the process of recovering your insurance proceeds by ensuring that there is little to no delay on your project.

Step 3: Insurance Adjustment

Your assigned insurance adjuster will visit the home to confirm the severity of the damage sustained. Ameristar Exteriors strongly suggests that our field supervisor/certified inspector be present at the time of the adjustment to serve as your advocate and ensure that all of the damage is notated within the estimate by the insurance adjuster. Your field supervisor will assist the adjuster by providing them an aerial analysis, an engineered report detailing the roof measurements, along with a complete scope report from Xactimate software to ensure that your home is estimated with the most up-to-date technology available. Our trained supervisors will make certain that your settlement includes everything you need to restore your property to its pre-storm condition.

Once the insurance adjuster assesses the extent of damages and approves your claim, he/she will provide a claim summary detailing the scope of repairs or replacement. This settlement is the guideline of specifications for the contractor to follow. The carriers use predetermined prices, based on market analysis, for which they estimate each item. Once your claim summary arrives, contact your field supervisor to discuss its contents, review the quantitative estimates and review the construction process.

Step 4: Depreciation Recovery & Additional Supplements

Once all work on your home has been completed, our administrative staff will provide the insurance carrier with the necessary documentation to have all depreciation released based directly upon the work that was repaired by Ameristar Exteriors. Almost all insurance carriers withhold depreciation on each item within the homeowner’s claim. By doing so, the insurance carrier ensures that all work is restored properly to its pre-storm condition. Think of this as hold back towards the difference in value of the items damaged on the home versus their restored state. We employ a full administrative staff that works diligently to ensure that your claim is processed and handled in a timely manner. Our team of professionals will make necessary follow up calls with your insurance provider to confirm that all required documentation is on file for the release of the deferred payment. You will receive by mail an automated invoice informing you that your insurance carrier has been notified for the release of the deferred payment, along with a self addressed prepaid envelope for payment return. We kindly ask that all insurance proceeds are sent to Ameristar Exteriors upon receipt, or you may contact your field supervisor directly to collect payment in full.

In order for Ameristar Exteriors to provide you with the utmost craftsmanship and top-rated products, it is essential that all work being replaced is directly covered in full by your insurance carrier. In some circumstances, oversights are made by the insurance adjuster and critical components of your claim are not initially sighted within your negotiated estimate. Our administrative staff, operating to support our field supervisors and acting as a liaison between you and your insurance carrier, will contact the adjuster to negotiate the difference. We will promptly provide the adjuster with an Xactimate scope, pictures, and diagrams clarifying the work that was initially omitted on the original estimate. Upon approval, your insurance carrier will issue a supplemental check covering the damages.

Do You Have A Mortgage?

If you have a mortgage on your home it is highly likely that your insurance carrier will issue all payments with dual payees, made payable to you and your mortgage provider. Your insurance company will issue your mortgage on the check because they have a vested interest in the home and it is in their best interest to have all repairs completed. At Ameristar Exteriors, we work directly with all mortgage providers on behalf of our customers to facilitate the process of retrieving the mortgage’s endorsement. In order to obtain the endorsement, the mortgage provider will require the homeowner and the contractor to complete a set of documents, also known as the mortgage claim packet. You will want to contact your mortgage immediately upon filing your insurance claim to notify them of the insurance claim and to request the claim packet to be sent directly to you. Upon receipt of all documents, please sign all homeowner documents and contact your field supervisor. It is also important that all payees listed on the check endorse the back before turning the check over to your field supervisor. Ameristar Exteriors will need to obtain a third party mortgage authorization in order to facilitate the process on your behalf and without interruption.

Handling the endorsement of the mortgage provider can be a tedious task, as all mortgages have strict guidelines to enforce that all insurance proceeds are used directly for the repairs to the property. With your assistance we can work together to ensure that the endorsement is handled promptly.


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